Create multiple coupon codes in Magento Programatically

we can create multiple coupon code for a rule using below code:

Magento get shopping cart rule by name

We can load shopping cart rule object by name:

How to set multiple cron jobs in magento

To set Multiple crons jobs, open module config.xml. Now you update the node as below:

Magento multiple category custom attribute save

We can save custom attribute value for Multiple categories at once   // $collection is your categories collection

How to add one more image type to magento product

Add one more image type to product:

How to get product image URLs

Get product image URLs:

How to clear Magento indexes

Clear indexes: 1. Product Attributes 2. Product Prices 3. Catalog URL Rewrites 4. Product Flat Data 5. Category Flat Data 6. Category Products 7. Catalog Search index 8. Tag Aggregation Data 9. Stock Status specific:

To Clear All :

Magento cron job intervals

Popular cron job intervals: