How to set multiple cron jobs in magento

To set Multiple crons jobs, open module config.xml. Now you update the node as below:

How to add a google map to Magento

There are several ways to add google maps to webpage and this is one which is quick and easy Step 1: Go to and type your full address into the search box at the top. Ensure the resulting map is the correct location. Step 2: Follow below steps as marked Also you can select Read more about How to add a google map to Magento[…]

Showing child product image Magento cart

Magento has lots of features in the configurations itself when adding any configurable product to cart usually it will show you the Configurable product image but, the product ordered is the child which may be Red, Green etc. this may little confusing for the user. To change this behavior, Magento has provided configuration as below Read more about Showing child product image Magento cart[…]

Configuring Magento to Developer Mode

This article  explains how to configure Magento with Development Environment 1)     Disable the cache: This is very much needed in development environment as the changes you make may not reflect until you clear cache. You can do this by going to Admin Panel > System > Cache Management > Select All > Actions: Disable > Submit. Read more about Configuring Magento to Developer Mode[…]