Magento Coding Standards

Coding standards are common in any software development organization, but how important are they to follow? Its more important that your code is readable and following some standards. Follow this link to have detailed information on coding standards Coding Standards Today Let me show you how to configure PHP code sniffer in Netbeans to applying Read more about Magento Coding Standards[…]

Onepica/avatax Wrong Coupon (by percent) calculation

We integrate a lot of 3rd Party Extensions and run in to different issues when the extension is free. Now we have integrated “Avatax” ¬†with one of our client magento and we got¬†issue that discount is not calulating as expected Ex :

Exprected :$8.8 We found out the issue with Avatax and got lucky Read more about Onepica/avatax Wrong Coupon (by percent) calculation[…]